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Predicting a reaction between ester and acyl halide

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    HI ppl, I have a question here. I deduced a forumla of an acid, aminobenzoic acid and this reacted with ethanol to give the corresponding ester. This ester then reacts with an acyl halide, CH3COCl, any ideas as to the product of this reaction??? Thanks, Joe
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    You may have a friedel craft acylation product of some sort...electrophilic addition to the benzene, ortho/para (although I've not seen this done w/o a catalyst). It all should depend on what your initial configuration of aminobenzoic acid is...as far as I'm concerned, this can be ortho/para and even meta.

    A better suggestion is the formation of an amide through addition-elimination, amino group as the nucleophile and elimination of chloride anion.
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