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Predicting Coefficients of Restitution

  1. Mar 15, 2013 #1
    Hello everyone, this is my first post here, so please try to be patient with me. Thanks! :)

    I am trying to build a very basic physics engine, and seek a method to predict the coefficient of restitution for a collision between two objects by measuring those for the collisions of each object separately with a third object. I've tried to find a list of coefficients of restitution for multiple collisions with which I could compare any results, but was unable to do so. I would have empirically gathered the data myself, but unfortunately I do not have the means to perform any experiments.

    I am particularly interested in the specific scenario of predicting the coefficient of restitution for a collision between two circular discs knowing those of the theoretical collisions of each disc separately with an immovable surface. However the solution to the more generic scenario would be preferred.

    My Question:
    Given only the coefficients of restitution for collision 1, between objects A and C, and collision 2, between objects B and C, is it possible to determine the coefficient of restitution for collision 3, between objects A and B, mathematically? Would there be any important restrictions to consider? How would this compare with empirical data?

    Thanks in advance to everyone who reads this!

    - MCGenco
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