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Predicting future ?

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    :eek: I read a newspaper a few days ago.. the Articles was about some physics teacher, who mathemtically preicted when the country war was gonna end, and it really happened! :eek: how do you apply physics and mathematics to predict the future ? :confused:
    Teach me please
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    He did it the same way as the guy who filled out the perfect bracket for the NCAA basketball tournement, he guessed. I'm guessing you got this from the National Enquirer?

    State your source.

    Paden Roder
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    You could always study Fibonacci sequences and get a book by Robert Precter on the "Elliot Wave" analysis as these types of guys use history and numbers to predict when future events are suppossed to happen. Seems about as credible as those who find events and dates that relate to predictions in their religious tome of choice, or the books on how to win big at casinos.

    The thing in common: science need not apply! :)

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    Maybe you're referring to the predictions J.R. Gott made based on his temporal Copernican principle? Don't think his paper is available for free anywhere online but his ideas are covered in this guy's criticism of it: link.

    Then again, maybe you're not.
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