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Homework Help: Predicting Motor Performance?

  1. Jun 20, 2014 #1
    1. Hi, the question is "A simple D.C motor has been constructed using one pole pair having a square surface of 6cm × 6cm and produced a flux of 18mWb. The commutator has 4 segments, which allows for two simple loops to be connected. Two brushes are used with the positive applied to the brush nearest South Pole passing a current of 15A. Predict the performance of the motor by reference to electrical theory.

    2. B= I/A maybe is a relevant equation?

    3. I have worked out the flux density B = 0.018/0.036^2 = 13.89T. What would you suggest the question is getting at by saying to "predict performance by reference to electrical theory".

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    Simon Bridge

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    It means what it says.
    Use your understanding of electromagnetics to describe how you would expect the motor to perform.
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