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I Preferred Foliation for FTL

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    I posted something similar to this in Beyond the Standard Model forum but it's more appropriate here as it is more of a Special Relativity & Spacetime question for SR expert like Peterdonis.

    My inquiry is with regard to this. Many of you are familiar with this concept about Emergent Spacetime where Nathan Seiberg described in http://arxiv.org/abs/hep-th/0601234 as

    "We summarize the arguments that space and time are likely to be emergent notions; i.e. they are not present in the fundamental formulation of the theory, but appear as approximate macroscopic concepts. Along the way we briefly review certain topics. These include ambiguities in the geometry and the topology of space which arise from dualities, questions associated with locality, various known examples of emergent space, and the puzzles and the prospects of emergent time."

    Supposed it were true. Is it within the realm of possibility to send information faster than light or even travel faster than light? Like you use the fundamental degree of freedom to initiate FTL. Perhaps you use a preferred foliation that is locked into that fundamental degree of freedom. Isn't it that in Special Relativity.. if you can make a specific foliation as preferred.. there would be no frames that would go backward in time when you go faster than light? Perhaps it can be overridden by say manipulation of the dynamics of this fundamental degree of freedom where space and time are emergent? Or do you have a no-go theorem that completely forbid FTL even if spacetime is emergent. How?
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