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Premed and physics major

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    So, I'm looking at colleges and whatnot, and I know I want to be a doctor of some sort, so I am gonna do pre med, but I am also really into physics. The plan is to hopefully go to a college that has a good premed classes and advice, but also get a physics major at that college. First off, is that even possible or plausible? And secondly, if it is, do you guys know of any colleges that are good for both? Don't rule out any really hard to get into colleges, im pretty sure my grades and scores are good enough. Thanks!
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    Yes, you can do that. The premed classes can be taken along with any major. Physics majors tend to do very well on the MCAT compared to pretty much any other major. You can do the premed classes at almost any college or university, and most of those also offer physics. Your state university would be a good choice.
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