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Prep for Physical Chemistry.

  1. Jun 15, 2010 #1
    Im planning on taking physical chemistry in the fall.

    My G. Chem has always been strong, but this past spring I took modern physics (using Taylor/Zafiratos) and feel like I have A TON to learn. So this summer I want to study up the materials where I feel weakest at:

    FOr Diff Eq's Im going through Tenenbaums ODE
    For LInear Algebra I'm going through Axler.
    I plan on reviewing my lower div mechanics and classical E&M (using Young and Feedman)

    But when it comes to the physics/chem part Im not sure what to study up?
    I have my Taylor/Zafiratos book still. I also have "Quantum Physics of Atoms Molecules Solids..." by Eisberg and Resnick and I also have "Intro to Quantum Mechanics" by Griffiths (as well as Bohm's Quantum theory and Sakurai's books, though I think those are way too advanced..i got all for very very cheap!)

    We will be using the book "Quanta, Matter and Change" and plan to get that early. What should I do? Should I reread Modern Physics? Move on to one of the other books I have now? Do I begin with the book we will use? DO I look for another book thats simpler than "Quanta" but focused on quantum chem vs one that focuses on quantum physics in general? Not sure how to prepare for the course?
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