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Homework Help: Preparation for Exam!

  1. Jun 26, 2007 #1
    Hey, i've decided to give myself some things to work out., in preparation for my Exam. Obviously it's not any questions from the exam, how would i have got ahold of them? They may seem easy, but some people do happen to be Dyslexic:

    Peter works as a real estate agent and is paid commission at a variable rate. He receives 4% on the first $100 000 of sales, 21/2 % on the next $100 000 of sales and 11/2% on the remaining balance of sales. If peter sell’s a house for $349 000 how much will he be paid?

    Monica knows that the selling price of a walkman is $89.95. She also knows that this price includes a mark up of 10%. What was the original price of the walk-man?
    (Potentially you would go like this if it was not a mark up) 89.95 x 10% (without having to use the =’s sign)

    And: The Numbers in the left column have been changed to the numbers in the right column. Determine the percentage change and state whether it was an increase or decrease.

    3452 ----- 4315
    6060 ------- 2908.8
    I have already established that both have been increased? But I’m not sure about these percentage changes =[
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    Welcome to PF. Note that our rules state that for all homework type problems we require you to show your work before we can help you; whether you say you've made them up or not! It also helps if you use the homework posting template with which you were provided.

    So, what are your thoughts on the questions?

    A couple of hints:
    2. Think of the $89.95 as 110% of the price, of which you want to find 100%
    3. Start by working out the difference between the two numbers. Then work out the ratio of the difference to the original value. From here, calculate the percentage [I wouldn't agree with your statement that both sets of numbers have increased!]
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    Thanks for the advice, but i figured it out =]
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