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Preparation for GATE exam for admission to IISc/IITs!

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    I'm an engineering student pursuing BE(bachelor in engineering) in electronics and communication.
    Right now i'm in my 2nd year(of the 4 year course). I plan to appear for the GATE exam in my final year, for admission to MS/MTech programmes in IISc/IITs(Indian Institute of Science/Indian Institutes of Technology).
    ok in case you're wondering,GATE is graduate aptitude test in engineering,see the link below


    I know that it is a difficult test with available seats being a few hundred compared to the hundred thousand appearing for the exam. So,i need help regarding the preparation.

    I'm confused over the books to be referred for-
    Signals and Systems, Control systems, Linear Integrated circuits.

    Most of my teachers and seniors give different opinion over the same book so i'm not sure which ones to refer. Also let me know if there are any good sites that offer practice tests for the same?

    Thanks and regards,
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