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Preparation fro college engineering course (my english is getting there)

  1. Aug 29, 2011 #1
    Hello everyone I am currently out of school ( graduated) and have recently found my love for engineering which has always been dormant due to the fact of my parents pressuring me to do law or purse something in the medical feild.
    I have always loved numbers but grew to hate them when i begin to fail in maths in high school.
    I found that if i tried i could grasp the concepts of the topic but was too lazy to practice it when i was at home so i forgot everything.
    I have now found maths and physics very interestings especialy the physics subject.
    With physics and maths i find that many people fail because they try to memorise the subject and not try to understands it.

    well that aside i have one year to prepare for my engineering course and i would like to know what to expect will be general topics ?
    My interests are in mechanical or electrical engineering.
    I have always been facinated by nuclear power but i hear the nuclear engineering class is a ball buster.....

    What e books can i get ?
    i plan on self teaching my self calculus but what else would i need to get familar with apart from calculus and physics any other math related topics?

    Thank you very much for help and i will search rest of forum for more info
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