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PreParation in physics and chemistry before uni?

  1. Jun 12, 2009 #1
    Hi guys.

    To explain my situation at first a little bit, I just graduated high school from the IB diploma program. I more or less had no other option than to take 6 subjects. Since it was not possible to take all science subjects I chose to finish the IB with only biology and do physics and chemistry after graduation, and maybe read up my standard level math to higher level.

    So what my question is, where and how should I apply to these courses for me to get the best understanding of the subject, but also being able to get into good universities. If we take Oxford or Cambridge as an extreme norm (or even unis outside of the uk), would a 4th year of high school courses be better than taking these courses at another uni for example? If high school, then should I use the English system, the IB or could I even do it in Sweden for example? What option would give me the most and best choices?

    Thanks for answers.
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