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Preparing for college

  1. Apr 10, 2015 #1
    (First I would like to point out that English is not my mother tongue and I'm working on the language. Apologizes if I commit any mistake throughout this post)
    Hello everybody:
    Recently I discovered this forum and after some hours browsing the website I have to say it has impressed me because I had been looking for such a complete and interesting forum during this year and all my efforts had been in vain so far. Regarding to this post, there are a few personal questions that I think you could help me to think over them.
    I'm a sixteen years old high school student from Spain and I would like to study Physics in college. I love Sciences and I have no trouble studying Physics (well, it is not a piece of cake for me but I'm stubborn enough to spend as much time as I need to solve a problem or doing research; also I'm a little bit dreamer and I like to spend time observing and thinking about what happens in my surroundings). Before beginning the baccalaureate I was not sure about what career should I choose, but then I started to feel atracted for physics. This passion has not vanished and I'm decided on continuing this path (this crazy but amazing path).
    There are a few questions that concern me. Recenty I realised that even though in my current course I have no problems with Mathematics, I have realised that my Math-base is not well constructed. I need to fix it, so I decided to start studying by my own. Nevertheless, I found a incredible extensive amount of information and books but it has been very difficult for me to choose and programme a selflearning course. I do not want to ask you for a planning because I know that os something that I have to prepare by my own working hard, but I would thank you if you could recommend me some Maths books of high school level and college level (for beginners and more advanced, to take a look).
    As well as preparing Maths I'm working on Physics, of course. In this case I have no problem organising the materials that I have found. However I would like to know more about how is the daily worklife of a researcher or which opportunities leds a career of Physics. I'm conscious that this is a theme which is treated in other posts, but I'm new in the website and I need the guide from an expert. Also I would thank any advice of how could I prepare my level of Physics for college.
    I know that the career is hard and it needs a lot of work. I know it and I want to be prepared for this.
    This is all for now. I sincerely appreciate all your advices and attention.
    Thank you ;)
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  3. Apr 11, 2015 #2
    You're doing all the right things by studying ahead of time. There's really not much more advice to be given except don't burn yourself out before you even start. Allow yourself to enjoy high school.
  4. Apr 13, 2015 #3
    Thank you for answering :) Perhaps you are right. I can't relax for college but I can't forget that I'm doing this because I like it. If this becomes a constant pressure...Anyway I'll try to create a self-studying programme which fits with my scholar life
    Now I have realised I was in the wrong forum (sighs) I've browsed this one and I have found a lot of interesting and useful things and advices.
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