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Preparing for quantum computing

  1. Jan 28, 2017 #1
    I am planning to take go into quantum computing. I am a Computer Engineer with a minor in physics with a focus on modern quantum theory. I was wondering if I take undergraduate and graduate level quantum physics classes would be enough for me to have a solid background on the subject before I do research or phd research. Or should I take Electricity and Magnetism? would E&M be absolutely necessary or just something to know?
    I plan on taking undergraduate and graduate level Quantum physics. But should I take undergraduate electricity and magnetism and even graduate level? I plan on taking the graduate level physics classes along my masters in Computer engineering.
    Thank you - your friendly neighborhood Persian
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    Hey TheRealShah777.

    You should probably get to know the areas before you plan anything.

    In quantum computing, there are a number of focus areas like algorithms, materials, techniques [implementation], and solving particular kinds of problems needed to create an actual working quantum computer.

    The areas including fields of study varying from computer science to materials science.

    Getting this done will be important if you are to pursue this kind of path for study and afterwards.
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    E&M is one of the fundamental building blocks of modern physics. Without it you will be unable to get through any but the most introductory freshman-level classes.
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    I have taken a freshman level Electricity and magnetism class and it was calculus based. But that won't be enough, will it?
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    I don't think advanced knowledge of E&M is really relevant to theoretical computer scientists, but it is absolutely essential to electrical engineers, chemists, materials scientists, and physicists working in the field.
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