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Preparing to apply for undergrad. research position

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    Hey, everyone. I'm preparing to apply for a undergrad. research position. I have the link about the research topic: http://electron.physics.buffalo.edu/hzeng/

    For those who did not goto the link, its about nano-scale magnetism. I want to be part of the research project because magnetism is one of my strong interests in physics. I need some tips to help me be apart of this research. If it matters, my major is physics and I'm a junior attending University at Buffalo full time.

    Just need to take 14 more classes and I will be able to earn my B.S. in physics. I have the lead researcher as one of my professors for physics with calc. I. I spoke with him and now I need to make a resume to apply for a undergrad research.

    Anyone have any experience with undergrad. research? How was it and what do I put in my resume? Do I include the classes I've taken? Tips, please.

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