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Prerequisites 4 qm?

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    Hello everyone!

    I would like to ask you guys what the prerequisites for learning quantum mechanics are? Especially in mathematics, what are the mathematical topics I need to grasp before possibly trying to learn quantum mechanics?

    Generally, I know that linear algebra and calculus are needed, however I'm not aware of the most important theorems, definitions or lemmas in both them which I need to master or need to start with until being ready to start learning quantum mechanics.

    Thanks in advance
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    Besides linear algebra and calculus, partial differential equations (PDE) and Fourier analysis are needed too. Anyone who is trying to learn PDEs and Fourier analysis, should also learn QM, because studying QM will help strengthening the student's understanding on these mathematical topics.

    I wouldn't worry about "prerequisites". You'll find out what mathematics you need, when you start trying to learn QM :wink:
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    Most QM Core classes cover the important aspects of LA required for QM.

    For an overview of how LA is treated in Core QM classes see

    http://www.physics.sfsu.edu/~greensit/book.pdf [Broken] - Page 305 "Quantum Mechanics as Linear Algebra"

    If you have not taken LA yet I recommend: http://tutorial.math.lamar.edu/Classes/LinAlg/LinAlg.aspx

    You will also want to take a DE course and make sure you fully understand eigenvalues and eigenfunctions.
    Great overview from the same instructor:

    And before you jump into QM I recommend a foundation in wave mechanics. Incredible course from Walter Lewin (this is where the fun starts):
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    Enough rigor not to use 4 for "for".
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