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Prerequisites for Chaos Theory

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    I've taken an interest in chaos theory of late, but only from a casual standpoint. What are the math requirements for truly understanding chaos theory? What about physics? Any other knowledge required?

    I will earn my BS in computer science and minor in mathematics in spring 2013. I've taken Calc I-III, LA, DiffyEQ, Real Analysis, Abstract Algebra I-II, Numerical Analysis, and Complex Variables. I've also taken calc-based physics I-II.

    Before I go off buying a textbook, I want to ensure I have the background needed to grasp the material. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Chaos is a property of dynamical systems, which are usually given by differential equations. That would be a good start. Try a text like Arnold's or Smale's (an early edition). As for dynamical systems themselves, try Strogatz.
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