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Medical Presbyopia and the Computer

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    Does anyone think there is a link between staring at a computer screen for several hours a day and the onset of Presbyopia? Over the last few months I have been exp what I think is a loss of focus power in peticularly my right eye. Like my eye is "lazy". You know when you just stare at something and relax the eye, it will go out of fucus? Well that happens very easily for me (without stareing and intentially relaxing the eye) and usually my day is spent "tweaking", adjusting and really "focusing" to focus my eye.
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    Possibly. Three years ago, I noticed that my eyes were becoming fatigued by the end of the day, and also it was becoming increasingly difficult to read fine print in paperback books and especially on food and medicine labels. I went to the local drugstore and bought reading glasses, and they did help. I finally went to an optician who did a comprehensive test and determined that I had onset of presbyopia, which is inevitable as one ages, and it varies from person to person.

    I don't know any studies, but working on PC and staring at a screen for 8 hrs does seem to result in eye strain, and dryness of the eyes, because one is less inclined to blink.
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    Staring at a computer screen from a fixed distance can strain your eyes - the muscles that compress your lenses to focus them should be used and exercised. Think of how fun it would be to hold your arms out to your sides at shoulder level for extended periods, for instance. It's easy to do for a while, but eventually all those muscles in your shoulders will start to cramp. Every few minutes you should look at something nearer or farther than the distance to your monitor to relieve the fatigue. If you can position your PC in front of a window, that would be ideal. I can look up from my monitor and watch birds at the feeder, see traffic passing by, etc.
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    I'm constantly glancing between the computer screen and paperwork, so my eyes don't get tired. I do need bifocals to read small print now, but that's typical of getting old as your lens hardens.
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