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Homework Help: Prescribed slope

  1. May 24, 2010 #1
    "Prescribed slope"

    Ok, so the prof gave us a list of topics and sample questions to focus on for the midterm. This is one of them:

    Find all values of x where the graph of a given function has a prescribed slope.

    I take this to mean, "find all the values of x where the given function is differentiable," or just find the values of x where it is not differentiable and say that everywhere else, it is differentiable. Is this correct?
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    Re: "Prescribed slope"

    Sounds reasonable to me, although "prescribed slope" is not a term I'm familiar with. You should get clarification from your prof.
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    Re: "Prescribed slope"

    Another interpretation could be that he will prescribe the slope, e.g. 5, and you will need to find where the derivative equals that. I agree that you should get clarification.
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