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Present for favorite professor

  1. Feb 20, 2015 #1
    Not really sure if this topic belongs here...but anyways, I am getting my physics degree soon and I want to get my favorite physics professor a gift before I go off to grad school. She wrote me a letter of rec and I took 5 classes with her, so she definitely deserves it. She practically does stand up physics comedy in every lecture so a silly physics present idea would be great. Thanks!
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    How about a magic trick? Something she could use in her comedy.

    Or a Hermione Magic wand from Harry Potter. She could use it to point out things in her lectures as well as cast spells on students.

    Also it shouldn't be too expensive as that can make the teacher feel uncomfortable and depending on the teacher you might need to be culturally sensitive in what you give such as the clock giving incident in Taiwan recently.
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