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Present for finishing PhD

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    I have the following problem:

    A have a friend who is finishing her PhD and I wanted to give her a present.

    Altough I know her for more than 6 years, I have absolutely no idea what to give her.

    Here are a few things which could help to find an idea:
    - she will work outside physics, so maybe something which "reminds" her of her physics studies?
    - she does not like "girlish" things
    - she likes cats

    I would be glad if some of you have any suggestions :-)

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    Maybe give her Schrodinger's kitten?
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    An alive or dead one? :woot:

    EDIT: Here's an image search for Schrödinger's cat t-shirts/clothes.

    EDIT 2: Maybe some artwork related to physics? You could order a print/have it printed and framed. Here's a site I found: http://fineartamerica.com/art/paintings/physics/all. I personally only like just a couple on that page, but there are many images, which may give you some idea, perhaps. Personally I like e.g. this one: http://fineartamerica.com/featured/floyd-in-3d-simulation-meir-ezrachi.html.
    But tastes vary, of course...:smile:
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    I'd probably avoid giving her more stuff unless you're fairly certain she'd like it. On the other hand, something like a gift card from a nice restaurant is usually a safe bet, especially if you can pick a place she might have never seriously considered because it was too expensive, etc.
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    A bottle of wine.
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    Or maybe a PF T-shirt. A good bottle of wine would be good, unless she doesn't drink alcohol.

    Or something related to one of her hobbies, if she has hobbies. I would imagine there are hints in her office.
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    Also a nice frame for her PhD certificate is a good idea. Nothing cheap. Nice solid wood, real glass. Sometimes parents end up getting this though, not sure.

    Or wine. Get her a nice Barolo(Italian, Piemontese) from the year she started her PhD in.
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    I agree with the idea that you'd give her a PF T-shirt which is more memorable. I am sad to hear that she only like cats, always have and always will.
    Otherwise you can give her a puppy :angel:.
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