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Presentation advice

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    I'm doing a presentation on the Hudson's Bay Company, from 1690~1800 for my business history class, and am seeking some advice. What can i do to make this presentation more appealing to the audience? i have powerpoint, but need an interactive thing (quizzes are overdone), which i have no idea what to do. Keep in mind I'll be presenting to a PHD student and 18-year old business students. Thanx for any input!!
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    Maybe adding an animation or a short movie might help.
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    If you tell us a little about what you'll be talking about in your presentation (other than the general topic), we might be able to suggest some sort of demonstration that would fit well within the context of what you have to say.

    It's important to use demonstrations and visual aids to supplement a presentation and help it, not just stick them in because you can.
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    Well, in my presentation, I'll be discussing how the HBC came to be, and what set it apart from other companies in the 1700s. Also, I'll account for why it has lasted while the hundreds of other fur trading companies in Canada at the time fell. I wouldn't mind a quiz (its a class of about 25), but i would like whatever i do to be innovative - not some "who wants to be a millionaire" imitation, which imo is way overdone. Even video/etc. is difficult due to resource shortages (as well as skill - i suck with technology)
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    How about some creative way to quiz the class based upon what i did in my presentation? Maybe there's something there
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