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Presentation on nanotechnology

  1. Nov 15, 2006 #1
    Hi, Im doing a presentation on nanotechnology and i dont know what the phsyics of nanotechnology! can someone find me the basics of nanotechnology phsyics and how it works and everything plzzZz. And i dont want a site saying "nano is 1 billiont of a meter" cuz i already know what nanotechonology is. I just dont know how it works or they build the materials. SO can u plz help me? tanx
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    plz somone help me i need serious help
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    Claude Bile

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    Here are a few Nanotechnology topics you could research...

    Sunscreen (some sunscreen contains titanium nanoparticles)
    Photonic Crystals (Opals in particular will be interesting)
    Surface Plasmon Resonance (A bit advanced)
    Carbon Nanotubes

    Technically nanotechnology is anything that has a scale less than 1 micron, not necessarily as small as 1 nm.

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    I don't really expect that you can get a lot of help based upon the vagueness of your question. A lot of nanomachines are constructed the same way that regular computer chips are, by etching them onto silicon wafers. The subject covers such a huge range, though, that you can barely scratch the surface in a single presentation.
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    One of my personal favorites is found in the design for next-generation computers, where carbon nanotubes form a conducting filliment so thin that electrons are forced to travel down it "single-file". This means the smallest possible amount of charge (one electron) is distinguishable from no charge, so the presence or absence of individual electrons can be used as bits in computation.
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    Neat! I hadn't heard of that one before. :cool:
    One of my favourites was actually used as the fictional manufacturing method for Iron Man's armour over 25 years ago, and is now being experimented with for real. It's the use of mineral-bearing bacteria, viruses, and such to deposit individual atoms in selected locations. I think that the same approach is being investigated to deliver micro-doses of high intensity drugs and radioactive substances to specific tumour sites.
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