Presented as joke of american car drivers

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it's not real teaser, but it's interesting. For me it was presented as joke of american car drivers. May be it's even popular in USA, but someone can find it's interesting.

the question: call product and it's trademark which can be maid of 365 used condoms.
Any ideas?


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Is this that lame joke...?

Melt them,make a tyre and call it a good year (see the pun)

Yes. It's that great joke! You're right.
Sorry if it wasn't new for you. In my country it used to be witty joke :rofl:
Not exactly witty, but i did enjoy the pun.
However, i was intrigued by that number 365 (??) Really, or is it taking toll of our naive ignorance towards the amount of [tex]rubber[/tex], that goes into a tyre. :tongue:

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