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President Bush: Burn Xmas Tree!

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    Like Queen Elizabeth gives the nation a Christmas address, President Bush should set an example for America and the world by letting his actions speak louder than words: BURN THE WHITE HOUSE XMAS TREE! He could then use the unique opportunity (since it'll undoubtedly attract some attention) to explain that our Puritan forefathers knew the PAGAN ORIGIN of Xmas and weren't fooled by its baptized paganism pawned off by the ROMAN Catholic Whore and her Protestant Prostitute daughters of destruction. He could mention our Israelite roots and biblical responsibilities and show how the BIBLICAL GOD condemns any attempt to adopt pagan hollow days or ways, their tinsel traditions that blind the masses, to use in worship of Him (Deut. 12:30-31, Mk. 7:7).

    Inspired by the burning bush, Queen Elizabeth II would do well to remember her Davidic ancestry and do something appropriate to distance herself from Baal worship and help direct her drunk Ephraimite country back to biblical holy days, as celebrated by Jesus and the early Church.
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    Does it ever get boring to be insane?

    - Warren
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    It must not, judging by the popularity of the baptized pagan hollow daze folks follow like sheep to the slaughter every year... must be too much eggnog and not enough noggin! Too many are drunk on their seasonal delusions, mystified by the snow white lies and hostile towards any responsible person who says: PARTY'S OVER!
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