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News President Bush doesn’t win the election

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    So assuming President Bush doesn’t win the election, what’s he likely to do after his term in office is up? Write a book? Give speeches? Run for another office? Try to keep a high profile in the party and maybe go for prez. again in ’08?

    I really have no idea what Bush will do. I’m thinking he’ll probably spend a lot of time at his ranch…maybe run another company or two into the ground. :p
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    Probabally take up drinking again and get in some horribly embarrasing accident on his ranch in Texas.

    I can just picture the headline:
    "Former President found naked in ditch, passed out from alcohol poisoning. "James Polk" tatoo on forehead unexplainable."
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    The typical career for an ex-president is guest lecturer at ~$100,000 an hour.
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    Too funny. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
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    Nascar spokesmodel
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    Electric chair or eventually insane asylum.
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    nobel prize for peace
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    Wrong dude - methink Physics or fictional literature!!

    OK thats just EVIL!!!! What's his dad doing?? That should give some clue on what he'll be doing! Hopefully he'll end up like Jimmy Carter and start doing some good community work and stuff - use your popularity for good.
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    I wonder if he knows what he would do? He comes across so confident he's going to win that I think it would take a while for him to get over the denial of losing. But, yeah, then he'll probably do the guest speaking circuit and get his biography written.
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    thats one biography id like to read
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    Tele-evangelism. He'll be the next Billy Graham. :surprised :rofl:
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