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News Presidential candidate in India

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    In the near future, the members of parliment of the Indian government are set to elect a new president, who'd replace Abdul Kalam (a scientist) as the president of India. (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/6748839.stm)

    I recently found out that the leading candidate (who has the backing of the majority of the ruling party), Prathiba Patil, claims to have http://www.rediff.com/news/2007/jun/27prezpoll.htm" [Broken].

    Apart from that, there are the usual allegations of corruption that goes in every politicians resume. In her case, there's some factual evidence that the bank she owned had it's license revoked because of financial irregularities, such as giving huge loans to relatives who didn't repay, etc (http://www.indianexpress.com/story/202794.html").

    I think it's such a pity that they are forcing out a scientist and replacing him with someone who claims to speak with dead people. I don't know about her, but generally, I'd consider people who claim to speak to dead people (without evidence) as delusional

    What's really funny (or depressing), is that no one actually cares about her policies or qualifications. One bunch of politicians are backing her cause of her gender (If you don't support her, you're against the cause of women!). Another bunch? Cause she's from Maharashtra, just like us!
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    Who isn't corrupt and/or delusional? Those with the power make her look like an amateur. Abdul Kalam used his position to the fullest and it is unfortunate that he won't be running for a second term.

    And this hasn't happened before? (generally speaking)
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    That's true. There are people who are much much worse, like Arjun Singh. I'm very frustrated that they didn't consider a second term for Kalam.

    Well, considering previous presidents, surely not to this extent? I mean, claiming to talk to dead people?
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    You're right. Its a disgrace that we allow our politicians to get away with the things they do. Its disgusting.

    The only two people who I have any faith in our system are Manmohan Singh and Abdul Kalam. I actually met the guy for about 45 seconds on Gandhi Jayanti last year, but the guy looked so frail, it was almost a miracle he was standing. It would be sad if he didn't get re elected for that post.

    All the quacks who get into our system and bleed it dry are killing the rest of us. The other day, I met a guy who's a noted authority on alternate energy resources and graduated from DCE. He's lived the last 14 years of his life hopping from one country to another and he told me that a lot of the Indians go abroad do so because the system F***S them over again and again, so they take the first chance they have to go abroad. Our own people arent valued here... it totally pisses me off!
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