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Press 1

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    Have you ever had this, calling a utility, ( you have reached British gas) ( other), press 1 for (a) 2 for (b) 3 for (c), you now have 3 options press, 1 for (d), press 2 for (c), press 3 for (d), your call is important to us please hold the line, (music) your call is important to us please hold the line, bla, bla bla, they want us to give in but out of grim determination i will hold till hell freezes over.
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    Except here, they finally rong you through to the department and you get a recording "we're sorry, but all of our representatives are busy right now, please call back later". CLICK. Disconnected after holding for 45 minutes, that's got to be the most infuriating.
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