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Homework Help: Pressure and flows

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    I feel like I am getting so close to this one, but the answer just isn't right!

    Water flows down a tube of radius R for a vertical height h into 3 tubes of radius R/3. If the water falls a distance of 1.2m and the velocity in the large tube is 2 m/sec, find the pressure difference between the large and small tubes.

    so what I did is use the continuity formula to calculate the velocity of the other tubes, which is 18.

    i then used bernouilli's equation to calculate the difference in the pressure, using the information provided and the velocity of 18 which i found above.

    i keep coming up with 148240 N/m^2, which is way off of the answer! help!
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    Doc Al

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    Redo this calculation. Don't forget that the water flows into three small tubes.
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    thanks a ton, got it
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