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B Pressure AND gravity

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    My teacher say: Comparisons between the pressure of an object on the inclined plane and the gravity of the object
    But idk what is sin and cos means
    I need help
    from: vietnam
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    The force of gravity on an object will be directly down. The force applied to an object by an inclined place will be from two sources: The direct support of the object will be perpendicular to the inclined surface (with vertical and horizontal components) and from friction along the surface (also with vertical and horizontal components).

    The sine and cosine of the angle of the inclination of the plane are used to compute those components.
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    ##\sin## and ##\cos## are the basic trignometric functions sine and cosine. Although there's no substitute for a proper high-school level textbook (this subject is usually covered after a second year of algebra and a year of geometry) googling for "intro to trig" will find enough to get you started.
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