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Pressure Calculation in Closed Loop PV Thermal

  1. Oct 29, 2011 #1

    I am trying to design a closed loop testing system for a solar thermal system using water as the heat transfer medium. There a number of fittings and and pipework involved, the water might reach temperatures up to 80/90 deg C.

    I am trying to calculate what the max pressure in the system might be so I can apply a safety factor and spec the components out from there. I'm pretty sure I could do this if the medium was air using the ideal gas law for various states but with water, this falls down and I am kind of at a loss.

    I can't even really say that the process is constant volume because there is a pump in the loop so work will be done.

    I might be missing something here or making it to complicated but would appreciate some guidance.

    Thanks in advance
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