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Pressure cooker ?

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    Okay so if 1 atm is the pressure in our natural surroundings (I know it depends on altitude, but humor me, ummkay?), and 1 atm = 15 psi, then why does a pressure cooker get water to boil at 121 degrees Celsius. I mean the pressures are the same. How does a pressure cooker allow it to get hotter?
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    Nevermind. I just found out it's 1 atm above normal atmospheric pressure. Place palm to face emoticon here. Sorry.
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    A critical thinker continuously poses their own good questions, then answers them.

    A sloppy thinker is unable to post a clear question and so must wait for another to work out what the question should have been, when the answer becomes immediately obvious.

    aclark609; Congratulations on your critical thinking, you will go far.

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    Thank You! I did not expect to get acclaimed for this lol.
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