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Pressure creates mass

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    alistair@goforit64.fsnet.co.uk (alistair) wrote in message news:<861c1b21.0406281451.67bf8826@posting.google.com>...
    > What if the cosmological constant is the cause of the inertia of
    > masses and not the Higgs field? Special relativity does not account
    > for why certain particles have certain masses - it just accounts for
    > the quantity of mass they have.

    ALISTAIR writes:

    If the dark energy accounts for the inertia of masses, then there is a possible explanation for the increase of mass with increasing pressure in general relativity, and the increase in mass with increasing speed in special relativity.In a mass under pressure, the atoms move faster and so would "collide" with dark energy and perhaps compress it more than at lower atomic speeds.Compression = pressure = source of mass in general relativity.The Hawking equation for the temperature of a black hole says that the temperature depends on its mass.If its mass depends on dark energy, then we could say that a 5 solar mass black hole has a very low temperature because of dark energy.Take away dark energy - the cause of the black hole's inertia - and the temperature of the black hole would rise.
    Thus some black holes could be particularly energetic because there is no dark energy in their immediate vicinity.
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