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Homework Help: Pressure differential

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    The viewing window in a diving suit has an area of 65 cm^2. If an attempt were made to maintain the pressure on the inside of the suit of 1 atm, what force would the window have to withstand if the diver descended to a depth of 150 m. Take the specific gravity of the water to be 1.05.

    So far...

    [tex] P_{A} = P_{0} + \rho gh [/tex] (1)

    [tex] P = \frac{F}{A} [/tex] (2)

    im assuming i find the pressure in (1) and just multiply it by the area to get the F in (2). Look right?
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    Chi Meson

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    You are on the right track, just remember that the pressure inside the suit (at 1 ATM) is pushing the window back out, so the net force will be due to the difference in pressure inside and outside the suit.

    Oh and remember to convert the area to square meters.
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