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Pressure field decompose into Fourier series

  1. Sep 14, 2012 #1
    please can I ask you, how would you decompose some field (eg. pressure field in a given space) into a fourier serie with a linear term?
    This is my problem:

    In my equations, the pressure acts in the form (the pressure was transformed only in the x axis, y axis stays in real space, the k is a wave vector for discrete fourier in x)

    p(k,y)=c1(k)+c2(k)*y +Sum[ i Cfourier exp(ik pi y) ]

    but of course the input into the program is a discrete field or a function, all in real space. I know there is a lot of libraries and scripts for FFT, but how to use it - I have the linear term here but I don't know the c1(k), c2(k)...
    Thank you for any tip!
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