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Pressure (form) drag

  1. Nov 7, 2005 #1
    Is there a way to calculate the pressure drag on objects?
    without having to turn to CFD software?

    also has anyone here ever built their own small wind/water tunnels for testing?
    and how successful they were?
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    For simple objects, such as a cylinder and with some basic assumptions there exist some analytical solutions. Unfortunately for anything complex, we all know the pressure drag or drag due to lift depends on the lift. The lift is dependent on the ambient conditiosn and the the geometry and material of the object. So in the end there is no easy way to calculate the drag of any complex object withoutthe use of CFD
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    thats what I was afraid of
    are there any good free CFD progs to use?
    i don't have access to progs like fluent
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    What kind of object are you interetsed in? There are many closed form solutions out there.

    It is easy building a mini windtunnel you just need a vacuum cleaner and some plexiglass. Probably not publishable results but good for home experiments or classroom projects.
  6. Nov 10, 2005 #5
    a high powered rocket is what I am doing
    i have thought about building a windtunnel but i didn't think it would be nearly accurate enough for me
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