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Homework Help: Pressure in cylindrical tank

  1. Jan 9, 2010 #1
    the cylinder in the picture below has a maximum shear strength of 90Mpa and a maximum normal strength of 150Mpa

    the tank has a wire tightly wrapped around it so that the wire has a tensile stress of 250Mpa when the tank is empty,

    what is the stress the tank feels due to the wire??

    how can i find this out?
    i think i need to take the wire, vut a cross section(half circle) and due to its equilibrium find the stress(through the force) the tank applies on the wire????

    what is the maximum pressure the tank can now be filled to after the wire reinforcement??

    i found the maximum the tank could be filled to before the wire was applied,, it came to 3Mpa (using PR/t)

    can i now just add whatever pressure i found the wire to be pressing on the tank to the 3MPa i found before??
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