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Homework Help: Pressure in pipe in fluid

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    Anyone please help ..

    Water is fed by a tank to the bottom of a hill by a pipe which is diagonally positioned. Determine the gauge pressure?

    I was able to do that.

    Now it says what if the water came straight down from a broken pipe (straigth vertically)... how high would it shoot up?

    How can I do this?
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    Have you learned Bernoulli's Equation yet? If so, then you have the guage pressure, which will be denoted as P1, P2 will be assumed atmospheric, so it will cancel out. You can also assume the initial velocity to be 0. You will have a difference in heights, so given the type of fluid (water) with a given density, you should be able to solve for final velocity.

    You will end up with an equation which is pretty short, has a radical in it, and you will probably use it later on throughout school.
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