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Pressure in piston pump

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    A piston pump having a barrel of effective volume 100cm3 is used to exhaust a vessel of volume 2.5x(10^3)cm3. If the initial pressure in the vessel is 1 atm, estimate the reduction in pressure produced by two strokes of the pump, assuming that all processes are isothermal and that air behaves as an ideal gas. Further, estimate the numbe of strokes needed to reduce the pressure in the vessel from 1 atm to 0.02 atm.

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    Show some work of your own first. TNSTAAFL.
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    Tom Mattson

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    Yes, please do that. I'm making a strong effort to enforce the Guidelines which everyone agreed to: No help until work is shown.
    I've soft deleted one post (by AM) which I will restore when Dirac shows a real attempt.

    OK, I know "LOL", "GIGO", and "IIRC", but what the blazes does that mean?
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    Andrew Mason

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    For non-sci-fi enthusiasts, it means: "there's no such thing as a free lunch".

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