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Pressure measurement

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    What is the effect of transmission line while measuring pressure value? I want to learn difference between big and small diameter of measurement line (transmission line).
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    What kind of measurement are you talking about? Electrical sensors? Mechanical Sensors? Liquid or gaseous?
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    Electrical sensor. Lets say transducer.
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    Well I have seen the standard 4mA-20mA sensors give exactly the same readings at 1m and 200m because of the corrected resistance value for such a long wire.
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    One of the most important effects is how the line influences the transmission of pressure fluctuations. Long thin tubing usually cannot be used to measure unsteady fluctuations because the fluctuaions get damped out by the tubing. But if you are only interested in time averaged value this isn't not a problem but the size may still effect the time it takes for the pressure to stabilize after a change in the pressure.
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