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Pressure on organisms

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    The maximum pressure most organisms can survive is about 1000 times atmospheric pressure. Only small, simple organisms such as tadpoles and bacteria can survive such high pressures. What then is the maximum depth at which these organisms can live under the sea (assuming that the density of seawater is 1026 kg/m3)?

    Ptotal = 10^5 (1000)= 100000000 Pa
    100000000 Pa = (1026)(9.81)(d)
    d= 9935m= 9.94km?

    This is wrong but I am unsure why...
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    any ideas??:tongue2: thanks!
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    ahh, i'm still workin on this one, here is my latest try:

    1000 atm=101325000 Pa

    101325000 = 101325 + 1026*9.81*d

    this is still wrong but i've no idea why? Thanks
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    Hmm... that equation you came up with looks like
    [tex]10^8\approx 10^5+10^4d[/tex]
    so it should work out to roughly
    [tex]d \approx 10^4[/tex]
    but you come up with
    [tex]d \approx 10^3[/tex]

    I'd guess that your first answer was correct modulo some approximation or rounding errors.
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