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Homework Help: Pressure Problem Please Help

  1. Dec 3, 2007 #1
    Pressure Problem Please Help!!

    1. One mole of gas at 300 K is enclosed within a 6L container covered by a sliding piston exposed to the atmosphere. The area of the piston is 50 cm^2. An external force Fext is exerted on the piston
    (a) We want to use the gas container and piston as a shock absorber for some machine. Estimate the maximum force that this shock absorber can handle. Hint( Think about what would happen if we continue to compress the gas. Estimate the molar concentration at which gas can no longer be considered as dilute.

    2. Relevant equations

    3. Im not sure how to do this. Can i get some help on how to get started? I just figured out something. I used the concentration of water at room temperature which is 55.5 M and converted it to get 55500 mol/m^3. I then plugged it into PV=nRT and solved for P, where P=cRT. I got a pressure of like 124 million pascals. I then used P=F/A and solved for force using the area given and got around 620,000 N. Does this look right?
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