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Pressure problem

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    I have a somewhat unique question here.

    I know that [tex]Pd[/tex] is a very good absorper of hydrogen. My question is, supposing you start with a given volume of [tex]Pd[/tex] and a given volume of [tex]H[/tex] or even [tex]H_2[/tex] and it is absorped by the [tex]Pd[/tex] is it possible to calculate the pressure that the hydrogen is under while it is inside the lattice structure of the [tex]Pd[/tex]?
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    Try rephrasing your question; you want to know something about hydrogen in palladium, but as stated, it's not clear just what.
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    I wish to know the pressure that the hydrogen is under when it is absorped by the palladium. A given volume of [tex]Pd[/tex] will absorp a given amount of hydrogen. Since the volume of the [tex]Pd[/tex] remains constant, there must be a pressure exerted on the hydrogen to keep it within. I wish to know how to calculate that pressure.
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    Wolf, et al. (1993) "Pressure-composition isotherms for palladium hydride." Phys. Rev. B. 48: 12415 - 12418.

    You can start here and refine as needed.

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