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Pressure response

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    If we had a tube 1 foot long that had two pistons inside it at each end of the tube, Piston #1. and Piston #2. Piston #1. is attached to a hydrolic push Rod, Piston #2. is connected to a movement senser only, the Space between the two Pistons inside the Tube have a Vacuum of 1 Torr between them, Here's the Question, If Piston #1. is actuated in or out what would be the response time that Piston #2. senses movement for both in and out actuation of Piston #1 due to pressure changes caused by the actuation of Piston #1?
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    What would be your initial guess, and why? You need to show some work of your own in order for us to provide some help.
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    Could it be calculated from the speed of sound? Wouldnt that require also the diameter of the tube?
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