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Pressure vessel certification?

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    Hi All

    I'm looking into getting some shell and tube heat exchangers ASME certified for my company and was wondering if any one could help me with the process. I know that we are trying to get a "U" stamp and need to get the code books that are required. There is also a few forms that we have to fill out and fees to be paid. I'm also aware that the heat exchangers will have to be welded by a ASME welder. I'm a little confused on the "Authorized Inspection Agency" that provides the code inspection, I'm assuming that this would be a physical pressure test and a reveiw of the design but I don't have any idea where we could get this done or how much the cost would be. Any information on the process, or facilities in the midwest that can do the testing would be appreciated.

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    If you're looking for just a vessel pressure test certification then try to Google "hydrostatic pressure testing services" or something along those lines.

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    The designer/fabricator you select should certify the vessel. A certification stamp goes to a company not an individual. The Inspector that certifies the vessel for the company goes through a specific licensing process. If this is recertification of an existing vessel, ASME VIII BPV has specific guidance on the process. . . There is a company in Richardson TX pressure Sciences Inc that maymeet your specific needs.

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    Hi famine, welcome to the board. As bwhartley mentions:
    The certificate (ie: U stamp) is given out by the National Board to a company certified to build pressure vessels per ASME Section VIII, div 1 or 2, BPV code. If your company isn't in the business of designing and building pressure vessels to the code, it's not worth your company's time and money to try and get certified. Purchase the heat exchangers directly from a manufacturer that specializes in design and mfg per the code. You can find lots of companies that can meet your needs through ThomasNet for example:

    PS: Welcome to the board Wes. :smile:
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    We ABS Consulting is accredited by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) as an Authorized Inspection Agency (AIA). ABS Consulting provides authorized inspection services for manufacturers of Pressure Vessel & Heat Exchanger for more information mail to absgpatel@gmail.com
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