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Pressureizing and liquid

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    im wondering in theory couldnt you put so much presure on a gas that the molocules couldnt move therefore creating a liquid or a solid ( i realize this would take alot of pressure) but would it result in a liquid or no??
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    Of course, this happens all the time. Just look at a phase diagram for a substance, like water:


    If you increase the pressure on water vapor while maintaining its temperature, it'll turn first into water, then into ice.

    - Warren
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    If I have liquid nitrogen contained in an extremely strong sealed container at room temperature, should I assume that the pressure is right at the boundary between liquid and solid nitrogen? If this is not the case, then how do I determine the pressure (quasi-theoretically)?

    phase: liquid (i.e. density >> N2 gas at rm. temp.)
    temperature: 300 K
    pressure: ?
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