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Pressurized centrifugal pump

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    dear guys
    how are u ??
    i ve a problem with selecting a centrifugal pump for circulating water in a closed system this system consists of tank , pipes up to 60 meters with 2 inch dia , then these pipes deliver water to a tube contains pressurized nitrogen @ 10 bars then return back to tank and also at the same time this nitrogen also affect on the water free surface inside the tank with 10 bars also

    i hope i have descriped the system clearly so guys tell me the manual says that this pump is 20m of head and 12m3/hr flow
    so what do u think the characteristics of this pump
    i think this pump is a normal pump 12 m3/h and 20 m but can withstand high pressure up tp 10 bars because the pressure is acting on both suction and delivery sides also this pump should have mechanical seal not galand packing to avoid leaking
    am i correct or not ????
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    Your pump casing design pressure should be the max design inlet suction pressure added to the pump shutoff (zero flow) pressure rise.

    If your system is unable to handle this pressure, the piping codes (ASME B31.1 and B31.3) allow you to install a pressure relief valve.
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    thanx edgepflow
    so the pump selection will be a normal pump but the materials of casing and impeller should withstand this high pressure
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