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Prestigeous Institutions

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    "Prestigeous" Institutions

    Certain colleges have the distinction of producing the best and brightest students. But these colleges have a hard entrence exam and only the brightest of the lot get into them!
    Isnt it ironic that only the brilliant students get into the institution and they come out with the same brilliance and that college is getting credit for nothing.
    No one appreciates the colleges who take in the mediocre students and works hard to train them into some profession?:grumpy:
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    the way you wrote that post says that something has happened to you that involves this topic[/psychic]
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    It's an importnat message the OP is trying to communicate; the students who come out as very sucessful individuals from these "top" institutions would probably have been sucessful regardless of which school they attended.

    I share this view also.. but I never thought about the other side... I guess it's just a very complicated subject and I really have no "solution" or suggestions at the moment.
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    Not really!
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    I agree with this as well. Many of the students going to those schools would have been successful no matter where they went to school. So, they got a name brand label on their diploma for all the added cost but not any better of an education...who's the smart one now? :biggrin:
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    The one paying extra to get all his letters of recommendation to grad school written by Nobel Laureates?
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    The biggest reason why I would want to go to such an institution is because of the smart people there, so....
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    You are absolutely right.. and that's exactly why I'm working hard on getting into a decent school full of "smart people", it's not really for the name (Take Swarthmore for example, full of VERY "smart" people, but not well known outside of the "academic circles").
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    swarthmore what?
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