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Pretty hard (yet simple) puzzle

  1. Feb 22, 2007 #1
    not gonna lie... this thing got me pretty frustrated.

    :bugeye: : you're gonna need the picture in the link (print it or copy it on a piece of paper, it's pretty easy to draw.


    - The letters A-P are to be arranged in the diagram, with one letter allocated to each point, so that no two consecutive letters are connected by any direct line (i.e: 1-15 pr 7-10).

    - F is to the left of, and in the same horizontal line as I, which is above C.

    - H and D are both somewhere left of B though not necessarily in the same line.

    - P is somewhere higher than J, O somewhere higher than F, H somewhere higher than M and L somewhere higher than E but not necessarily in the same line.

    - B is diagonally adjacent to G and A is diagonally adjacent to C.

    - N is the greatest distance possible from O.

    - L is immediately left of I, G immediately left of K, J immediately left of C and D immediately left of O.

    If the positions of the letters E and F add up to 17, can you place each letter in its correct position?

    post your solution as 1=X, 2=X, 3=X, etc. how long it took you and what method you used (white font would be cool so that no one accidentally reads the answer)

    I got it from this book called "FANTASTIC 500 PUZZLE CHALLENGE."
    It's pretty cool, there's puzzles easy enough for kids or 5 minutes at the "throne" (connect the dots, spot the difference), and there's puzzles so frustrating they make me want to stab my eyes out.
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    You'll need to specify the image in a different way, then. For whatever reason, the Brain Teaser forum won't allow people to view attachments :(

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    there, fixed it.
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    D1 O2 F3 L4 I5 B6 P7 A8 G9 K10 H11 J12 C13 E14 N15 M16
    I think that this is the answer. (hidden text showing the letter followed by the number indicating its location)
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    haha yeep that's it. in the book they're rated 1/3 2/3 and 3/3 in level of difficulty. this one was one of the 2/3, i might post one of the 3/3 later on this week if i have some time to kill to draw the diagram. although 2/3's are probably my favorites... some 3/3's just take tooo long, and 1/3 and ridiculously easy.
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