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Pretty interesting

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    does anyone know where that little dot in the middle of the ocean is, if its around some islands or something my geography skills are terrible

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    I'm assuming it's a joke..

    But if not.. more details!


    That guy in that crowd in the city surrounded by land on that continent of the planet in that solar system next that galaxy.
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    i was refering to the map of gravity

    i was refering to the map of gravity just incase no one knows what im talking about im not sure why my post got moved to a new one it was originally in their
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Re: i was refering to the map of gravity

    I think the dot is Hawaii. You will notice a few other islands also; they are just so small that the outline appears as a dot. Also, as you may now know, you should have posted your question as a reply to the map posting. I suspect that without any context, the moderator failed to understand your question. :smile:
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