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Prevent [i] from italicizing?

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    Stephen Tashi

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    What's the simplest way to prevent an array index "i" inside square brackets in a mathematical expression from being interpreted as code to italicize text by the forum editor?

    My work around is to put a space before the "i" in Latex expressions, but this is slightly inconvenient.

    For example [itex] A[\ i][j] = \beta [/itex] displays properly.

    and [itex] A[j] = \beta [/itex] doesn't.
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    Choose your favorite one. They all work:
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    The is an unfortunate problem with MathJax and XF BBcode not communicating with each other.
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    Also \left[ i \right].

    [tex] \left[ i \right]. [/tex]
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    Everything that breaks the string [i] in the source code.
    I just noted it is as easy as adding spaces (not LaTeX spaces): [ i ] becomes ##[ i ]##
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